3 thoughts on “Archbishop Rowan Williams on Lent”

  1. I am very encouraged both by this video (which I had not seen) and by your posting of it, Cynthia.

    As I enter the Episcopal Church (having left the PCA) it is getting harder and harder to find people who resist the dual temptations to either label Rowan a heretic or to hold up only his more revisionist tendencies.

    For he remains, along with the Bishop of Durham, a guiding light as I approach ordination in this church.


    PS All of this is fresh on the mind as I blogged on Rowan’s essay “The Body’s Grace” just yesterday.

  2. Hi Matt,

    I really appreciate Rowan Williams’ work. I recently read his book on Dostoevsky and have added it to my “books to read” again and again list. I may not agree with everything he says on every point of theology etc., but I can’t really think of anyone with whom I do (including Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin, Luther, CS Lewis etc., yet I don’t write them off in toto because I have points of disagreement; if that were my criterion, then I couldn’t draw from any tradition whatsoever). Williams is clearly a brilliant man, and, like you, I have been encouraged and spiritually edified by his work (and NT Wright’s work as well).

    Have a Blessed Good Friday,


    p.s. I’ll have to check out your essay soon.

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