Per Caritatem

To all in the D/FW area interested in the topic, I would like to extend an invitation to participate in my dissertation lecture. My dissertation is entitled, “Constructed Subjectivities and a ‘Thick’ Account of Agency: A Foucauldian Dialogue with Douglass, Fanon, and the Augustinian-Franciscan Tradition.” The lecture shall begin at 6:30pm at the University of Dallas, Gorman Faculty Lounge (#6 on the campus map) on Monday, August 29th. A brief question and answer period and a reception shall follow the lecture. If you are interested, promise that you won’t throw tomatoes or any other objects, and can make it, I would love to see you there! You may read the dissertation abstract here.


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All tbe best with the lecture and I assume we now call you doctor? It’s a pity I won’t be able to make it. Congratulations!

Thanks, Gary. Hopefully, on Monday after 5pm CST, you can call me “Dr.” : )

Most definately!

For those interested in listening to my dissertation lecture, here is a link:

(I so dislike the sound of my voice on the recording, but oh well. I think that the sound quality gets better, once the actual lecture begins. There are a few questions in the Q & A that I would have liked to have answered more clearly, but again, as the Russians say, takova zheezen.)

I defended my dissertation with distinction/honors.

Congratulations Doctor! I look forward to reading the thesis.

Congratulations Doctor!I am a Romanian psychology student interested more or less marginally in Foucault and I would very much apreciate to read you PhD thesis. If you could send me the pdf it would be great (use the email address mentioned in comment form)

Since the thesis is under contract with UMI, I cannot share it as a PDF.